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Adams McClure provides solutions and products and services to small, medium and large businesses. Check out how we help our customers:  

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Their Need:

To develop a long-term relationship with a company that could assist them with all areas of POP; consulting, technology, production and distribution.

Our Solution:

The customer contracted Adams McClure because of their advanced ordering technology, state-of-the art production facilities, and ability to provide new and existing restaurants with a streamlined method of ordering POP.

  • Restaurant growth from 190 stores to 300 in 16 months.
  • Customized website for Restaurant-Level ordering.
  • “One Click” ordering for New Restaurant Kits.
  • Individual Restaurant Profiles created to track each locations specific assets.
  • Ability to create customized signage online.
  • On-site Account Manager to handle individual restaurant needs.
  • State-of-the art digital, conventional and screen printing facilities.
  • Streamlined billing and accounting for all locations
Their Need:

An on-line system to allow stores to order custom POP and menus for each location as well as to pre-order for national promotional programs. They needed a partner to manage the entire program and direct-bill each location for their items produced.

Our Solution:

Adams McClure built an on-line system, at no additional cost, which allows for the individual store location to build unique menus for their store (based on corporate regulated criteria) and custom POP. This same system manages all orders for program POP, store billing and reporting to corporate.

  • Allows marketing team to market and not monitor / manage stores daily needs for program items.
  • Ensures all stores have a consistent / current brand image and program materials in the field.
  • Ensures that menu item pricing matches the POS system pricing.
  • Provides store activity reporting which they never had.
  • Allows for one off, Print-On-Demand replacement POP.
  • Removes the corporate office from the fund collections process by having Adams McClure bill direct to the stores.
Convenience Store
Their Need:

To consolidate suppliers into a single source by partnering with one supplier to provide complete production and management of their POP program.

Our Solution:

Adams McClure designed a customized, on-line program that manages all 650 store locations. Unique profiles were built for each store. With store profiles, the on-line system manages all production, specifications, quantities, custom packing details and inventory. All daily orders, production and delivery times are linked into this on-line system via a unique ERP management system.

  • Adams McClure managed a major program change by allowing 650 stores to order unique kits based on their brand, their region, their pricing in the POS system, and their POP assets.
  • The customer can now order unique kits specific to each store’s inventory and assets.
  • Stores can order POP directly. The on-line system is currently averaging 1200 orders per month.
  • Orders received by 3PM ship the same day.
  • The customer can now access detailed reports on POP usage by store location, order frequency by location, individual item inventories and EOQ formulated reorder points of off-the-shelf items.
  • Ability to create and Print-On-Demand LTO programs for individual stores
  • Streamlined an on-line billing system to consolidate monthly programs into a single invoice with detailed itemized breakouts for internal billing to all departments.
  • Worked with 7 different category managers/departments to create a production schedule system to maintain on-time program delivery.
  • Placed an Adams McClure team member (at no additional cost to the customer) at their corporate office to assist in the day-to-day management of all programs.
  • Worked with the creative department to standardize material specifications for optimum sheet yield and “ganging” of “like” items into a single print form.
  • Eliminated waste and reduced overall program costs by understanding what each store can use for POP.
Their Need:

To update their production methods for creating POP. Materials that were being sent to store locations were “failing” and incorrect deliveries were adding to the overall costs for each program. They had no ability to track program history or understand POP touch points at their store locations.

Our Solution:

In 1994 Adams McClure contacted the customer to become their single-source production company for their monthly POP needs. Adams McClure has been the sole provider of this retailer for the past 20 years.

  • Customer has grown from 1,300 to more than 3,500 store locations with the help from Adams McClure.
  • Adams McClure maintains a 99.99% kit accuracy with their monthly POP program. Each program contains an average of 35 unique POP items based on the store profile. An average program contains over 250 unique kit configurations.
  • Currently developing an on-line system to manage the inventory items for store ordering, LTO print on demand items, asset photo management of 1,500 images, themed promotional items, store profiling and reporting.
Their Need:

Customer was using several different suppliers for the daily production of in-store POP. Images looked different from different suppliers and schedules were not being met. Innovative/new POP ideas were not being introduced to the marketing team.

Our Solution:

Adams McClure’s G7 certification allowed them to order different forms of POP on different substrates that all maintained consistent color. Adams McClure’s vast, in-house production capabilities, allow for shortened lead times and ensure color consistency on different materials throughout each store.

  • Our 8 year relationship has helped them double in size due to acquisitions of competitors.
  • Adams McClure has “reset” the standard of expectations by a customer; as their supplier, we are also their Partner, to help them achieve success.
  • We continue to bring new ideas and innovative techniques to their marketing department. Many of these ideas have resulted in standard items that are used for in-store POP.
  • Adams McClure is one of their largest POP production partners.
Their Need:

They have over 5,500 store locations with 1,300 as contract stores. They needed a way for the 1,300 stores to order custom POP for their individual store locations on a daily / weekly basis. POP needed to be approved by the corporate office prior to production.

Our Solution:

Adams McClure developed an on-line system that manages their image assets to ensure that stores only use current, approved images, offers, and pricing. This eliminated the need for corporate approval of every print piece requested by the field.

  • Stores can custom design POP for their individual location based on corporate approved and dated offerings.
  • Stores can print direct through Adams McClure or they can download the approved image to print locally.
  • The corporate office has been able to redirect marketing team members to market strategy and not “police” daily POP order needs.
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